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What is iFabbo™?

iFabbo™ is a leading international organization for FASHION and BEAUTY bloggers and publishers. We focus on quality, engaged and vocal influencers who are at the forefront of online publishing and content creation. Acceptance into our network does not come easy! Each blogger and publisher applicant goes through a vigorous review process in order to be accepted into the organization. Members must adhere to a strict code of conduct and we require our bloggers to follow all government and official laws.

iFabbo’s innovative product placement platform, The iFabbo SHOP, allows brands and technology companies to selectively seed their products to highly targeted influencers they want to reach. With thousands of quality members worldwide, we work with brand marketers, agencies and publishing partners to harness the power of social influencers through targeted, content-driven campaigns, events and conferences. Brands immediately garner a stronger online presence within the blogger community quickly and effectively, while our members gain access to some of the most coveted beauty and fashion and technology items.

In addition to iFabbo’s product placement platform, the organization is a premier education provider by introducing new and emerging technology, tools and resources, to our members so they remain informed and up-to-date in ways to enhance and develop their publishing career.

iFabbo™ creates an environment where bloggers and brands work together to provide credible sources of information for consumers so they can confidently navigate the blogosphere and get the most reliable sources of information on their favorite or newly discovered blogs and products.